Wednesday, July 6, 2011

West Side Story

Hand finished fabrics are not only useful for creating striking catwalk creations, they are also useful for making costumes for the stage.

In 2006 I made these T-shirts for a production of West Side Story at RAU. We started with plain coloured T-shirts and I created patterns over the top that differentiated the warring gangs in the production from each other.

Each gang had a theme of its own and with dye I was able to give each actor their own identity while still identifying them as belonging to a particular group. Naturally, the lead actor had to have something really special and I had tremendous fun making his T-shirt.

It is one thing to dream up the designs in your head, and quite another to see them coming to life under the stage lights. I really enjoyed working on this project.

Have a great day in full colour!

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  1. I love those!
    And the Stoned Cherrie post before too.